Why Do You Online Shop?

E-commerce AKA online shopping is a growing entity that marketers are trying to control and understand everyday. In 2015, e-commerce grew by 14.6% and raked in $341.7 BILLION. 

It wasn’t until coming to college did I start to realize the upcoming popularity of online shopping. Being so busy, I didn’t have the time to run to the mall or to the stores to buy the things I needed. All you need is internet (unless you live under a rock) and a credit card and anything you could possibly want is at your fingertips. Buying items online has become the new norm for me personally. Even when I do have time to go to the mall, I now prefer to just go online whether its Amazon or a stores online site.

So whats the catch? Why are these platforms doing so well?

For one, the fact that almost everybody has a smart phone makes online shopping so convenient. You can be anywhere at anytime and buy almost anything you want. Then it can be delivered to your door within 5 days. It doesn’t get much better than that. Also, I find that I like the variety I am able to get from online shopping. Take Amazon for example. There are endless possibilities of items a consumer can purchase.  Yeah you can get these products in a store but the fact that they offer so many different brands, versions etc. of these products, makes it more appealing.

With all these amazing and unique attributes of e-commerce, malls are getting worried they may not have a future anymore. Check out this video from CC-TV News.

Why do you online shop? Do you prefer to shop online or in store? Let me know in your comments!


8 thoughts on “Why Do You Online Shop?

  1. nellipanula says:

    I think there is so much opportunity for companies in online retail. I find that some companies are struggling with making the online experience personal (aside from “products we recommend to you”). Many customers value the instant advice and feedback that they receive from store workers. This leaves room for innovation and opportunity to bridge the gap.

    Personally, I enjoy the “shopping” experience. I love to go to the mall! I almost find it therapeutical. I do some online shopping, but mainly for products that I have already purchased and know to fit/work. I have a little fright of buying e.g. clothes and shoes online just because I cannot try them on before hand. And yes, most companies do offer free returns/exchanges – but I find it tedious. So as a customer for both online and traditional retail, I choose the medium of purchase based on the product!

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  2. seducetheworld says:

    I pefer to shop online when I’m bored, but I generally love going to the mall to do shopping. I can try things on. Most of my online shopping gets returned because it wasnt as nice as the picture, or it doesn’t fit well. Though something that puzzles me is some stores are not fully transitioning. I work for Nordstrom (thankfully I’m hourly because of the position I’m in) and some people work commission. It seems to always be a bit of a struggle to work this way because many shoppers rely on Nordstrom.com for their shopping needs rather then coming in all the time. Yeah, customers come in when they need to do returns and might pick up a few things but they are predominantly shopping online thus those who earn commission get the short end of the stick. It seems to be a main reason for turn over in the store I’ve noticed.
    Online shopping is convenient, and I love Amazon’s two day shipping students get free for some time. Can’t wait to see your next post.

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  3. mybirdnest says:

    I love shopping online. First of all, my shoes size is 5.5 and you hardly can find that size in a store. I often go to store to try on to make sure it comfortable or not then I go home and purchase it online. Secondly, some websites such as Amazon, I love their suggestions based on my purchase history.

    In online shopping, its a perfect chance for retailers to implement their CRM, which not only increase customer satisfaction but also create more value for retailers.

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  4. taniasethi says:

    Personally, I prefer shopping only because the number of choices that are available at online store cannot be compared to the ones at outlets. The amount of convenience that online shopping provides of shopping anything, anytime and anywhere makes it a success. And it has been rightly pointed out in the article that online shopping is causing brick and mortar stores a low sales revenue. However, I feel that many retailers have adopted the online store policy and are offering products in stores and online as well. So it like a win-win situation for companies.

    But yes, I also do miss the actual “shopping” experience from in-store shopping. But a very well analysed article comparing online shopping and in-store shopping and the amount of impact it has on consumers, companies and economy as a whole.

    Eagerly waiting for another great article on online shopping.

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  5. Ross Dressler says:

    I like to shop online because that is where I have access to the most variety and availability of product. Growing up as someone who was an avid sneaker collector, I did not have have the retail outlets available near me to acquire these specific sneakers. Because of that, I became more interested in the online stores of certain shops in boutiques that may be on the other side of the country. At one point, I did most of my business with a small boutique shop based out of Little Rock, AK. I would not have been able to pursue my passion to the same degree if I did not take advantage of online retailing. While Tampa has a nice mall and higher tiered department store locations, I did not always have this access to brands and product growing up in Rhode Island. This also acted as a reason to shop online; to acquire the items I could not purchase in person at my local mall.

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  6. Trystan Montero says:

    Wow this is very informative, I too love shopping online.The variety of options I have access too in the comfort of my own home is definitely what is so appealing to me. Convenience is another reason why I feel it is so popular amongst millennials. The video you showed really did hit the nail on the head and enjoyed watching every minute of it!!

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  7. Trystan Montero says:

    Wow this was very informative, I always knew online shopping was so important but never knew all this. I definitely love having such a variety of options all at my finger tips, especially in the comfort of my own house. Convenance is another major key to why online shopping is appealing to me because I do not like dealing with the crowds of people at the mall or on the streets. The process is quick and easy and its great. The video also really hit the nail on the head, great video!


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