Retail Spotlight: Missguided

Throughout my experience with online shopping, I have probably tried out at least 10 different online retailers. Although I have tried out so many different retailers, there will always be those couple 4 sites I will always come back to no matter what. One of those sites are Missguided. 


Everything they do, in my opinion, just works.

As the format of shopping is shifting from in-store to online, Missguided is keeping up and adapting. Here is what keeps me coming back to this site:

  • Customer Service
  • Vibe of the site/ What they stand for
  • Promotions
  • Variety/ Types of Clothing

All these elements are reasons why they are so successful and I think other upcoming online retailers could take some notes.

Customer Service:  One of the biggest challenge a primary online retailer may face is connecting with its customers. In store retailers have the upper hand when it comes to that since they are able to have that face to face experience. Missguided truly makes you forget about the face to face experience. Whether you have a problem with your shipping or just want to connect with then on social media, they are readily there to connect. They have a Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and an Instagram that they are very very active on. I follow them on every form and I feel so connected with them at all times. I know when they have sales, get new products and I don’t even have to go to the site to find out new information. Also, when it comes to emails, they respond very fast and their messages are personalized. Knowing that they have this amazing customer service and outreach keeps me coming back. I know I can depend on them.

Vibe of the site: If you take a look at the site and its social media, its pretty self explanatory. They know their target audience and they know how to appeal to them very well.

Promotions: Let me tell you, if you want discounts and sales, this is the site for you! I don’t remember the last time they didn’t have some type of promotion going on. This is also another reason I keep using this site because I know that when I go there, I will be able to get a discount of some sort. ALSO… they do discounts for college students. Cant really argue with that.


Variety/Quality of clothing: No matter what occasion you are shopping for, body type, price preference, etc., they have something for everyone. AND its affordable. I like to shop at places where I can get everything from them (shoes, clothes, accessories, etc). With all these discounts and affordable prices, one might be iffy with the quality of clothing but everything I have gotten from them has been great quality and it lasts!

Now that I am done fan girling, I think you should visit their site and click around! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have you ever shopped with Missguided? Did you like your experience with them?

What online retailers do you like? I’d love to check them out.


4 thoughts on “Retail Spotlight: Missguided

  1. Samantha Reid says:

    To tell the truth, I HATE online shopping. I always have to try everything on because in some styles I wear a size small and in others I wear a large. However now that I’ve read your post and actually snooped a little throughout the site, I may convert to online shopping. The website is so intriguing. Plus, I like that they have an actual celebrity on their homepage right now (Amber Rose). That tells me that their clothes are probably of good quality since people like her are wearing them. I love the discounts, too. There are 3 right at the top of the page right away. Amazing. Thank you for introducing me to an affordable, stylish brand!

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  2. mybirdnest says:

    I love shopping online!!! I think Amazon did a great job in customer service ( they proud of that after invest incredibly in improving their CRM). Besides, I often order from Zara, Mango or F21 (but they always run out of my size).
    After I read your post, I may try to order something from Missguided. One thing about online shopping that I love is their promotion and after my first glance on Missguided, they offer free ship and 20% for student. Excited about that!

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  3. malley689 says:

    I have never heard of Misguided before reading this. After this glorying review, I just had to check it out–and I must say I am now obsessed with it. I am currently already apologizing to my wallet.
    I think that you are correct–this retailer definitely knows who their target market is and they cater to them really well. As a college student interested in cute clothes AND cheap prices, this retailers really does appeal to me. I think it was smart to use a celebrity endorsement as well to attract people who are interested in this person (in the this case Amber Rose’s) sense of style.

    ~ Mallory Kuba

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  4. Trystan Montero says:

    You are very right,knowing your target market is vital to a successful results. I personally have not checked this website out but based on the way you described it, this website sounds like the example that other online shopping sites should emulate

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