Social Media’s Role in E-Commerce

Have you ever been scrolling through one of your social media pages and see and ad for a specific retailer? How many times have you actually clicked on the ad and wen to the site? I’ve done this far too many times.

“A new study of over 1,000 U.S. consumers by Sumo Heavy Industries, a digital commerce strategy firm, has found a 198 percent increase in social media referral traffic to eCommerce sites between 2014 and 2015.” (Smallbiztrends)

Lets take a look at Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform to date. There are over 1 BILLION Facebook users online today.Retailers are taking advantage of this. Retailers now are able to have their own Facebook page specifically for there store. From here they can share content to promote their products. This allows someone to get instant information about their favorite retailers without having to do any sort of research. This type of lazy behavior is what makes it so appealing.


If you are a business involved in any type of ecommerce and you have not built out a social media presence, you are missing out big time! Take a look at this quick video to put in to perspective how big social media really is…

I knew the internet was enormous but this video really made me think. How do you use social media to connect with retailers? Let me know in your comments!


5 thoughts on “Social Media’s Role in E-Commerce

  1. Trystan Montero says:

    I personally have never clicked the ads but just by these various ads being in on my social media pages, I do notice them and they grab my attention to an extent. Social media now a days is definitely the ideal channel to get ads to the masses.

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  2. jenburtonhpu says:

    I’m enjoying your blog! Of course, I find online shopping easier. But my stores are not really unique like the ones you write about. I just do the normal Amazon and my favorite stores from the mall. However, I did not realize that malls were hurting so bad!


  3. mybirdnest says:

    I believe that Facebook is becoming a valuable tool for retailer. Recently, Facebook app just released a new update that you can search market place based on location, categories. Also, you can keep track on what items you are selling.


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