E-Commerce No No’s – What not to do

When it comes to E-commerce and online retailers, I have talked a lot about how great they are and what they do that works. In today’s blog, I thought it would be interesting to talk about some E-commerce no no’s. When I online shop, I personally judge the retailer on three category’s:

  • website design
  • the checkout
  • the overall experience. 


Website Design- 

I feel like website design is one of the most important characteristics of any website. Its the first thing someone sees and could ultimate be the reason why they decide to stay or leave. Here are some things I think online retailers should avoid:

  1. The page is way too busy and not organized. If I cant see what I need right away or don’t even know how to navigate through the site, I will probably X out of the page.
  2. The graphics and pictures are low quality. If the picture is low quality, that kind of just sets the tone of the whole retailer. If the graphics and pics are low quality, there’s a greater chance that their products will be too.


This screen shot is a perfect example of what a website layout SHOULDN’T look like


The Checkout

After I have gone through and filled up my cart, I expect the checkout experience to be pretty seamless and easy.

  1. If there is NO GUEST CHECKOUT, I lose it! I know I sound like a spoiled brat but if there is no guest checkout that means I have to go and sign up and take another 5-10 minutes signing up. I hate that and I am sure many others do too. I think its a great idea for a retailer to offer this option.
  2. Way too many steps in the checkout process is also something that will turn me off from a site. If I can just put my address in and credit card info and be done, I am a happy shopper.


The Overall Experience-

Now that I have browsed and probably made a purchase, I can analyze the experience of the website from start to finish.

  • Was it easy to find what I was looking for?
  • Were there help bots/customer service blurbs to answer my questions?
  • Were there annoying ads/pop ups interrupting my shopping?

These questions are what I personally ask myself when I analyze an online retailer as well as taking the other two above category’s into consideration.

Woman Shopping Online

What do you take into consideration when analyzing stores? Is there anything about a website that you absolutely hate? Let me know!

Referenced SweetToothRewards.com 



2 thoughts on “E-Commerce No No’s – What not to do

  1. Amanda says:

    I completely agree that the website layout is one of the most important things. I’ve had friends rave about websites but when I logged onto them they looked like your example. Even though my friend said they’re a great company, I left the website because it made me feel like their products weren’t high quality or their security and privacy wasn’t reliable and I’d get scammed. Creating a high quality website can be expensive but overall, it’s worth it. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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