Should Your Online Site Have a Blog?

Since starting this blog, I am starting to understand and see the importance of how powerful blogging could be. After doing some research, I am also learning how valuable a blog could be for an online retailer. When I think of a blog, I think of someone talking about their opinions and likes/interests, so I never thought an online site could really benefit. Here is why I have switched sides and why I truly believe every online retailing site should have a blog!

  1. Blogs will help you rank in a search engine and gain you traffic
  2. Blogs could be a great marketing platform for your brand
  3. Blogs will spread the word about your brand/product/company


Some blogs that have stuck out to me are

  1. Topshopscreen-shot-2015-02-14-at-02-50-05-20hyy5s
  2. Lush blog-hd
  3. North Face 


Obviously there are hundreds more, but these were some I came across and really liked and thought were effective.

What do you think about online retailers using blogs? Do you think it is effective?


3 thoughts on “Should Your Online Site Have a Blog?

  1. ryanpassmore13 says:

    This was fun to look at! Of the three blogs I liked the NorthFace one the most, in part because i am most familiar with them but I did like how they posted events that they had going on in the future and ways that people could participate in the activities.

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  2. malley689 says:

    I think that Blogs are a great way to reach a target audience and get your information out there. They are a great marketing platform! In terms of marketing, it never hurts to have too much social media, so *why not* have a blog!?

    I personally love North Face and their online site blog. I’m happy you included them in this post! 🙂

    — Mallory Kuba

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