Trends That are Helping Online Retailers

Ecommerce is growing exponentially.

“As per a recent market forecast, the ecommerce sales in USA alone could surpass $550 billion by the end of the year.”

One can’t help but wonder, what is leading to this growth?

  1. MOBILE (smartphone) DEVICES- Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have probably noticed that everyone and their grandma (literally) has a smart phone. People can literally shop wherever they want without a computer and this convenience is definitely the reason for the crazy growth. Retailers are using this to this advantage and making their sites mobile friendly or even making an app. Forever 21, Amazon, Ebay and so many more are stores we can see doing this.


2. Fast and Easy- This is the reason that speaks to me the most. The number 1 thing I love about shopping online on how EASY it is. More specifically, I love how these sites remember by information so when I go to check out, I literally have to click 2 buttons. For example, Amazon will save all your info (shipping/billing address, card info) and they provide a button on a product that says “1 click buy” and when you click it the purchase is complete. Some people may not like this but it is a contributor to the growth.

3. Customer Centric– Since there are so many online users, its important to make the experience easy to navigate as well as customer friendly. If this is the main way people are going to be shopping, a retailer needs to make the tiny webpage feel like a real store as much as possible.

4. Real Time Stats- The analytics that these websites receive are not only to provide them data on their site, but it gives them real time information that is very useful. Being able to get stats basically overnight allows retailers to fix issues and bugs VERY quickly and respond to their customers wants and needs at a drop of a hat.

Are there any other reasons you think could be driving this growth? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Trends That are Helping Online Retailers

  1. seducetheworld says:

    I love online retailing but I feel like some retailers have failed to treat their in house staff to meet the online shopping increase. I work at Nordstrom and luckily work on salary, but other departments are on commission. People still come in because you can try things on in store, and get the traditional treatment of customer service but sometimes you can’t beat being lazy and shopping on the couch right? I’m tied between the two so I end up shopping online and also going in store. The one thing about ‘customer centric’ thing you mentioned though I believe is not what it could be for some retailers. I enjoy live chat options but not all retailers have it, and still rely on phone customer service representatives. Just my opinion 🙂 I think free shipping options, and not having to put to much effort into searching is a big driving force also for online retailing.

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  2. mybirdnest says:

    I think one of the biggest advantages when retailers utilizing e-commerce is enormous data. It is convenient for retailers to track their sales and customer satisfaction. In the future, they can use these data to create an appropriate advertising campaign or to improve on their service as well as their products

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  3. jenburtonhpu says:

    I think I am strange, but I don’t enjoy shopping. It is a lot of hassle with little positive utility to me. I like online shopping. It is so convenient. I don’t have to deal with lines or pestering sales people. It is such a time saver – eliminating the drive to and from the store. It also makes it so easy to price compare.


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