Should Retailers Invest in Chatbots?

The idea of a chatbot is kind of creepy when you really think about it. Its a computer that you can have a real conversation with in real time without actually seeing them. Although its a creepy concept, now a days if you don’t have a chatbot on your site, it could actually hurt you. 

What exactly is a chatbot? According to, a chatbot is:

“a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet”

Its becoming apparent that this generation wants to avoid actual human contact (phone calls, in person, etc) at all costs. I say this because in a study recently conducted that surveyed over 1,000 people showed that chatbots surpassed phone calls and emails as the most popular form of communication. 

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To put it more in perspective, here are some stats from when it comes to the emergence of chatbots:

1. Nearly one-third of consumers (28.9 percent) prefer chat tools over phone (28.7 percent) or email (27 percent) for interacting with retailers (jumping to 37 percent for millennials)

2. Two out of 5 consumers are open to interacting with a chatbot in a retail scenario.

3. Nine percent of millennials prefer to always interact with a robot instead of a human.

4. Nearly 40 percent of millennials are open to interacting with a company through a messaging app

5. One in 5 consumers are most excited to receive instant order updates via a messaging app, over receiving other retail tech offerings, such as immersive virtual experiences and drone delivery

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I don’t know whether I think these stats are really cool or kind of sad. I guess personally I don’t mind interacting with humans but it seems that others would really rather not! They are great for quick and fast responses though don’t get me wrong.

What do you think? Do you like when sites have chatbots? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Should Retailers Invest in Chatbots?

  1. seducetheworld says:

    I never knew chatbots were so popular. And it now makes me question if the businesses I’m messaging now (IKEA for example because they forgot to send me my damn chairs and table) are actually people.The examples up there are pretty generic answers, but I feel like whenever I get sent to an automated line who requires you to explain your problem I always confuse the computer.

    Chatbots I think are helpful but in the right situation. Sometimes it ticks me off personally as a consumer coming to a business and then finding out I’m talking to a machine. So I press random numbers until I get a real person on the line.

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  2. Trystan Montero says:

    Wow this blog was super interesting, I did not even know chatbots were a thing. I agree with you that it is pretty scary how the retail industry is moving away from actual human communication. This does sound a bit risky, though because as a shopper I enjoy human communication and interaction. I am not sure I want to hear a robot tell me the details of sales and things that nature.

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  3. jenburtonhpu says:

    I love receiving customer service via chat, as opposed to the phone. It is quicker and you can multitask while waiting for answers to your questions. However, I think I mainly deal with real people and not automated bots. I always hated automated customer service on the phone. I bet that marketers will eventually try to implement similar systems online and they will backfire due to lack of personalization.


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